Mind Over Mandarin provides you a guided journey into modern China.

Mind Over Mandarin provides a collection of services that enable students, recent graduates, young professionals, budding entrepreneurs, educators, and world travelers to learn the Chinese language and culture through an immersive experience in Shenzhen China.

M.O.M’s comprehensive study abroad service packages allow for you to effectively learn or improve your Mandarin, explore Asia, and gain valuable experience in what will soon be the world’s largest economic power. Whether your goal is exploration, education, or getting a foothold for your career as an international businessman we have a solution that fits your needs!

All of our services packages deliver the following

  • Chinese language and culture courses taught by an accredited university
  • Housing that feels like home and is conveniently located
  • Travel Health Insurance to cover you just in case
  • Preparation guides to help you plan your semester-long journey
  • Local hosts and survival kits to help you thrive away from home
  • Greater China excursion opportunities and vocational exposure

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  • Immersion Program

    Empower Your Chinese
    "Unleashing the crouching tiger, hidden dragon within me!"-- Emily, 23

    Affordable & Comfortable
    "American high standards at a Chinese low price."-- Jason, 26

    Enriching & Fun
    "It's way more than just learning Chinese... Shenzhen is where the action is happening. It's a dynamic, sub-tropical metropolis!"-- Matt, 23